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What To Do About Water Stains on Your Ceiling

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An important part of maintaining your home involves regularly checking your ceilings for problems. Any water stains or moisture-related damage should be dealt with right away, even if the affected area seems small and insignificant. Spotting leaks early on is the best way to avoid costly repairs. Anytime you notice stains or discoloration on one of your ceilings, follow the steps below to keep the damage from getting worse.

Figure Out Where The Water Is Coming From – Anytime you notice a wet spot on your ceiling, you need to locate the source of the water. A logical place to start is by checking the area directly above the stain. Inspect your roof from the outside, looking for problems. If you don’t see any obvious damage, the water could be coming from a leaky pipe instead. In some cases, the water could even be entering your home in a completely different area and traveling along trusses or pipes to the area where the leak is located.

Some of the most common causes of water stains on ceilings include the following:

  • Worn or damaged caulk
  • Malfunctioning air-conditioning ductwork
  • Broken pipes or water pans
  • Inadequate insulation, which may contribute to leaky pipes
  • Outdated plumbing
  • Cracked stucco in homes with stucco walls
  • Problems with chimney flashing or flashing around pipes

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Inspect the Roof – Take a look at your roof to see if you can spot any areas where it is leaking. Sometimes, leaks are difficult to identify. If you need help from a professional roofing contractor, reach out to us today at (520)477-2100. We can examine your roof and pinpoint the exact location of any leaks.

Tucson Roof Repair ContractorsAvoid Cutting Corners – As tempting as it might be to jump right in and repair any moisture-damaged areas, you should hold off on making repairs until the underlying source of the problem has been identified and repaired. If you fix the ceiling before addressing the problem, it most likely will wind up getting stained again. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to replace a portion of your wall or ceiling. For surface stains, you should always go over the area with a stain-blocking primer before applying the final coat of paint. For areas that are severely damaged, it may be a good idea to contact a professional to make the repairs for you.

Get Professional Assistance – Never ignore a water stain on your ceiling. Instead, try to identify the source the minute that you notice the stain. If you wait around too long, a simple problem can quickly escalate, leading to costly roof repairs. If you need help covering the cost of the repairs, our team here at Tucson Roof Repair Pros can help you arrange financing.

Tucson Roof Repair Pros, (520) 447-2100, provides quality Tucson roof repair services including roof repair, roof replacement and roof installation to Tucson and the surrounding communities, including Vail, and has been a Tucson roofing contractor for many years. When you’ve discovered stains on your ceiling and need it to be assessed by an experienced Tucson roofing contractor, give us a call.


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