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Tile Roof Repair

Tile Roof Repair

Experienced Tile Roof Repair In Tucson

In terms of the roof material you choose for your property, you have numerous choices. Tile roofing usually proves to be a common choice for Arizona home and building owners, considering its longevity, durability, and energy efficiency. It’s also available in quite a few colors and styles, so you can give your home the flair and personality that you’d like to have.

Whether you need a tile roof installed or repairs done to your current tile roof, we’re here to help. Given how prevalent tile roofing systems are in this area, our veteran crews have amassed many years of experience in doing tile roof repairs.

When you choose us to be your tile roofing contractor, you’re opening the door to the benefits we can provide you as a business who is trusted, bonded, insured, and licensed. You’ll get only the best materials on the market. You’re also going to get work from some of the area’s best roofers, given their experience and customer-commitment that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Tile Roof Repair ContractorsIf your roof needs repairs following the latest monsoon-level storm or just needs some regular maintenance, then give us a call. Whether you’re missing tiles or have leaking ceilings, we can have a high-caliber roofing crew over to solve your issues efficiently and quickly before they wind up becoming a bigger mess.

Do you think there might be damage and yet you’re not quite sure? Rest assured thanks to our free roofing inspection. Call us so you can learn more about the free estimates we provide and the solutions we offer to your roofing problems.

Tile is quite durable and has great resistance to harsh weather. This area gets a lot of sun, but also a lot of rain and wind when the monsoon season hits. Tile is great for protecting a roof from all of this. Tile roofs can last for quite a while. With the right care and maintenance, your tile roof could easily last up to 40 years, if not more. A shingle roof can get replaced twice, or even three times across that same timespan.

Local communities boast a diversity of colors and tile types, and quite a few homeowners cherish tile since it lets them accent their home with something unique. Also, as another great feature, you should know that tile resists fire pretty well, which means you can probably lower your homeowners insurance rates.

Tile Roof Repair Contractors You Can Trust

New Tile Roofs – Are you constructing a new home? Or do you just want to install a new tile roof on an existing structure? We should be your very first call. We’re one of the leading roof installation establishments in this community, and we’ve been putting up new tile roofs for quite a few years.

Clay Tile Roofs – Clay is the most frequently used kind of tile in the area, typically made in the classic “s”-shape design for a good Southwestern look with curb appeal. Attractive, durable, and fire-retardant, clay is all-around great except for its weight, which will burden your property’s frame structure. We can work with you in figuring out if your home will handle the total weight of having a clay tile roof installed or whether or not you need some modifications done prior to installation.

Concrete Tile Roofs – Concrete tile offers many of the very same features you can get from clay, but it’s actually even more useful architecturally speaking, since it can be formed into a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. It’s also quite an eco-conscious choice, well-suited for sustainability. If you currently live in an HOA that has stringent roofing requirements, consult us about concrete tile as an option.

Sand-cast Tile Roofs – Sand-cast is not used as much as concrete or clay, but sand-cast tiles can be distinctive and even beautiful that can make your home pop among the rest of the neighborhood. The catch is that a sand-cast roof is a bit more fragile as compared to clay or concrete, and so an asphalt underlayment is necessary. This can drive up the cost, and you’ll have to make sure you never walk on your roof. However, for some property owners, nothing will beat the quality and look of sand-cast.

Tucson Roof Repair Pros, (520) 447-2100, provides quality tile roof repair, tile roof installation, tile roof replacement and other roof repair services to Tucson, AZ and the surrounding area communities. We’ve been a reputable, quality roofing contractor for years. When you need help with your tile roof, call us.


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