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It is critically important to have a solidly constructed roof installed on your property if you want to have a comfortable, leak-free and safe home for your family. The following are signs to help you recognize and deal with any potential issues before they turn into more expensive and larger problems:

Age of Your Roof – An asphalt shingle roof that is correctly installed should last for 20 to 25 years. According to the National Association of Home Inspectors, if you have a roof that is more than 20 years old, there might be problems, even it looks fine from the exterior.

Cracked Or Broken Roof Shingles – Usually, cracked asphalt shingles are caused by high wind damage. If there are just a couple of cracked shingles on your roof, then you should definitely replace them. However, if there are broken or cracked shingles scattered around your roof and not just in a single isolated sot, then that is a serious indication that you need to consider replacing the shingles on your current roof.

Tucson Shingle Roof Repair ContractorsCurled Shingles – Asphalt shingles may curl in a few different ways. Cupping refers to when the edges of the shingles turn up. Clawing sis when the edges remain flat but the middle of the shingle rises upward. The National Roofing Contractors Association reports that those issues can both be signs of deterioration and demonstrate that problems – such as potential leaks – could be occurring very soon.

Shingle Granules In The Gutter – If you have a fairly new asphalt shingle roof and here are granules accumulating in the gutters on your house, you probably don’t need to be concerned. Most likely they are only extra or loose granules. However, if your roof is at least 10 years old, that could indicate a more serious problem. Granules on shingles help with deflecting some of the sun from the asphalt that is contained in the shingles. After the granules have deteriorated and fallen off, the sun will cause the shingles to heat up and they will begin breaking down quickly.

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Misplaced Shingles – There should not be any functional problems with needing to replace shingles in several different locations on your roof. However, it is nearly impossible to be able to match the colors of new shingles with an older roof. Over time, the colors of shingles have undergone a significant evolution. Also, the color of the shingles that are on your roof will slightly change over time due to the weathering process.

Daylight Is Streaming Into The Attic – If you can see light streaming into the attic, that means cold air, now and rain can get in as well. After you check for light be sure to check for moisture stains also. If there is any visible water staining, watch it carefully over the next few rainfalls and storms. If they turn different sizes and shape, that most likely means there is an existing leak that is coming in through the roof to your attic.

There Is Algae Or Moss Growing On The Roof – This is actually not a big problem but may cause shingles to deteriorate faster. It is more of a temporary cosmetic issue. You can decide to replace shingles due to not liking how they look with newer shingle designs that are resistant to algae and moss. Just make sure you don’t try to become a DIYer and scrape or power wash algae or moss off of your roof. That would also remove all of the granules from the shingles and that will make the shingles basically useless and cause them to have to be replaced.

Sagging Roof – If your roof is sagging that is definitely a serious issue. Usually, a sagging roof means there are structural issues that need to be dealt with. You might have a problem with the decking inside of the attic or the foundation supports. That doesn’t necessarily your property and occupants are in immediate danger, but it is a kind of problem that is a lot easier to address when it is localized and small than if it progresses into an expensive and major problem.

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