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4 Steps To Hire The Best Roof Replacement Contractor For You

Flying, broken tree branches, heavy wind, and high winds. The summer monsoon storms can really wreak serious damage on your roof. Whenever the valley is hit by a monsoon, so do scammers and fly-by-night roofers.  There may be some that are legitimate but do not have the necessary experience to deal with the issues the roof in the desert here has to contend with. They will not be around as the roof continues to age and needs to be repaired. However, the other problem is an experienced, local roofing contractor may be totally book following a major storm. No matter why you need to have a roof replacement done, the process can seem very overwhelming. The following is some good advice to help you find the best contractor for your roofing project.

1. Obtain several different roof replacement estimates from roofing contractors

Choose 3 companies at least who have met your requirements. Get each one to conduct an inspection and provide you with a written estimate. You can limit the quotes to repairs that your insurance company deems necessary, or have separate quotes given for work and other repairs that your insurance claim does not include. Then you can make more direct comparisons between the different estimates you receive so know that a roofing contractor is working with the insurance company in unison.    

Tucson Roof Replacement ContractorsConsider using flame-resistant and impact-resistant roofing materials. In recent years, materials have seen major advancements, so insurance companies do have incentives for using them. A roof that does not have those materials may cost you more in deductibles or premiums in the future.

A project’s quote amount should not be the sole factor in selecting a roofer. Ask yourself how each of them treated you. Did they completely answer your questions, in an understandable and thorough way?

What kind of record do they have with the BBB?

Contract three references from the prospective roofing company. Call those that are near to your neighborhood and projects that are similar in size to yours. Ask them open-ended questions: did they experience any problems How were those problems handled?

Based on past customer interviews, and your due diligence, choose a contract and then ask them to come up with a contract for your roofing project.

Roof Replacement Contractors You Can Depend On

2. Go Through Your Agreement Carefully

A contract is a type of binding agreement between the roofing contractor and you, so make sure that you take the time to carefully go through it before signing the contract. Be sure the roofing contractor’s name, tax id, address, and phone number are all printed on the contact and also includes the following items of information:

  • A comprehensive list that details all of the work that is to be done, which includes removing and disposing of materials; the entire scope of the work; and any additional venting or work on flashing the needs to be done.
  • Materials that will be used, including the colors, manufacturer, type and kind of metal to be used on the flashing, any protective membranes and underlayment, and installation methods to be used.
  • Who is responsible to repair or replace any interior finishes or landscaping that are damaged during the project.
  • Approximate starting and ending dates.
  • When and how your insurance company will be paying for each phase of your project.
  • Cancellation and refund policies.
  • Warranty length and what is covered, such as water leakage and workmanship. It needs to be a written warranty.
  • How project waste will be disposed of (unused materials, packaging).
  • A note that states you have the right for rescinding the contract within 73 hours and receive a refund of your deposit, and deduct the amount of whatever work has been completed already. You also can rescind within 72 hours of your insurance company denying your claim, with the same stipulation – that you are responsible for whatever work has been completed already, assumed it was done properly.

3. Avoid Roofing Scammers

If you have a roofing salesperson come to your door, don’t let them in your house or up on your roof. Ask if they have a business card or other printed material to give you and make an appointment so that you can do due diligence. If you believe they are scammers, then write down their license plate number and hand it over to the local authorities. If the person uses high-pressure tactics to try to get to you to immediately make a decision or offer a one in a lifetime deal on your insurance deductible then do not sign anything and just ask them to leave.   

  • A roofing contractor should always be willing to provide you with the following information. If they won’t or can’t then eliminate them from consideration.
  • A permanent business address, tax ID number, and telephone number. If they provide you with a license number, verify it with the Register of Contractors.
  • Workers’ comp and liability insurance certificates. Ask to personally review them. Look at the end dates for the coverage to ensure that the policies will still be in effect throughout the entire duration of your project.
  • BBB or NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) membership. Although they are not required, experienced, reputable roofing contractors usually will belong to at least one of those organizations.
  • References from past customers – get the names and phone numbers of previous customers where work was performed by the roofer a year or more ago. Then call the past customers. If they don’t have any references to give you, then cross them off your list.

4. During the Project

You have found a roofing contractor. Congratulations! There are still a few things you should do:

  • Track how the work is being done and that the right materials are being used that were specified in your agreement – along with any other materials that your insurance company or you approved of.
  • Don’t sign the certificate of completion until all of the work is totally finished and all of the waste from the construction project has been removed. Ask your insurance adjuster to inspect the finished work before signing off on your project.

Tucson Roof Repair Pros (520) 447-2100 offers high-quality roof replacement, roof installation, tile roof repair and other types of roof repair services to the greater Tucson, Arizona area. For many years, we have been a quality, reputable roofing contractor. When you need advice on your roof placement project that you can trust, please call us.


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