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Five Questions You Should Consider Asking Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

After the beating my roof took the previous monsoon season, I know it will not make through the next season. Before hiring a roofing contractor and investing my money on repairs, how can I ascertain that they are the right people for the project?

After the violent storms summer came with, fall will undoubtedly be a hectic season for roofing companies in most of the southwest. If your home is in dire need of a new roof, be very cautious since some of the roofers deserve the bad reputation the industry has been receiving of late. When hiring any service provider for a big project, it is advisable that you get referrals from tradespeople and property owners you trust. It is also imperative that you check the company’s licensing credentials and references.

Before hiring a roofer, make sure you have answers to the following questions:

Is the company’s crew currently installing a new roof that requires work similar to what yours needs?

No matter how charming the company’s salesperson is, it is the work the crew will do that matters most. It gives you an idea of how excellent their craft is and how they prepare and maintain job sites. Chances are the company representative will assign your project to one of their best crews since they’re the ones responsible for selling their company to you.

What are some of the things they will be replacing?

Tucson Roof Installation ContractorsIf your roof has one or more layers on top of the original one, building codes require that they are torn off before a new roof is installed. No matter who you hire, this process will add to the overall cost and mess. Some roofing contractors might try to skimp through the project by refusing to replace the flashing. Unless the material is thick and still has lots of life in it, this is the best time to have it replaced. Your roofer should be particular about the materials they plan on using. At the same time, if your roof is tiled, your roofer should explain everything that is going to be done to the existing underlayment in detail, and if it is being replaced, the exact type of materials they will use to replace it.

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How will you leave the job site at the end of each workday?

The industry’s best practices stipulate that roofers only remove as much as they can work on the same day. That way your home will not be left partially unprotected from the elements. Your roofer should also tarp any open areas in your roof and make sure that any stripped shingles are cleaned up – and that should include running a big magnet over your landscaping and lawn to ensure stray nails are picked up before they leave the site. It is also wise to make sure that these procedures are stipulated in their contract.

Will the roofer’s insurer confirm their liability and compensation coverages?

While it is good for the roofer to tell you that they are adequately insured, or even to show you some form letter, it still is not enough. It is advisable to ensure that you get documentation addressed to you from the contractor’s insurer, and there is nothing offensive about requesting one. Consider it a big red flag is the roofer hesitates to provide this information when you ask or seems offended by your request. After all, if one of the company’s roofing specialists falls off your roof and they are not adequately insured, the injured person could sue you for lost wages and medical costs since their employer does not cover them.

Do you provide any workmanship warranties?

Manufacturer warranties don’t often include labor since that is the individual contractor’s responsibility. A one to two years’ warranty is standard. When it comes to it, make sure that you have the details in writing, even if it as a simple clause within your contract.

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