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Metal roofing systems have become even more popular among property owners in recent times. Why is that? It is due to rapid Tucson Metal Roof Repair Contractorsadvancements in installation methods and materials. Before that, metal roofs were not as reliable as modern metal roofing systems. A main positive feature that is offered by today’s systems is their long lifespans. If they are inspected and maintained on a regular basis, a metal roof can last up to 50 years.

The right maintenance on a metal roof is similar to ones for conventional roofing systems. A professional and experienced roofing company will have experience working with all types of metal roofs, and their installation and application methods. When you are familiar with these systems it will give you the ability to find issues and problems that need to have regular maintenance.

Pros and Cons To a Metal Roofing System


  • Durability – A metal roof is known for having a long lifespan. They usually come with a 30-50 year warranty and normally will last as long as the building does. They are lightweight compared to many other roofing materials, which makes it easy and quick to install. That means it can be installed on top of an existing surface, which eliminates the need for time-consuming and wasteful demolition.
  • Moisture Resistance – The solid construction of a metal roof means it can stand up very well to weather. So whether it is driving, heavy rainstorms, insect infestations or high winds, means they stand up tall through most types of weather. They are a lot more rot-proof and rust-resistant when they are galvanized and installed correctly.    
  • Fire Resistance – Metal is a non-combustible material, which means it will save you money on your property insurance premiums (as long as you do not install it on top of flammable materials that are already on the property, like wood shingles. They are also not more susceptible to lightning strikes compared to other materials – since lightning strikes the high point of a roof no matter what material it is made out of. Buying a lightning rod is the best solution.
  • Water Tightness – They are great for keeping moisture out, and due to their slick surface, now slides easier off the roof compared to other types of materials.
  • Energy Efficiency – In the summer a metal roof reflects sunlight and heat, and that saves on utility bills. Although a metal roofing system does not use a lot of insulation, there does need to be a gap in between the roof structure and the exterior surface. during the winter, this space offers thermal reflection and ventilation to redirect warmth and heat back inside of the building.


  • Costs More – A metal roof is expensive, but due to their durability, if you plan to hold onto your property over the long term, your ROI will be high and add to your property’s value.
  • They Are Noisy – whenever there is a hard rain, it will sound as if there is someone hammering on your home’s roof. However, there are methods available to reduce the sound by using soundproof insulation or some sheathing.
  • They Dent – A metal roof is prone to be more highly susceptible to damage from hail. However, there are metal roof products that come with guarantees against denting or guarantee against footprints appearing on the roof after people have walked over it.
  • They May Be Slick – The sickness may be beneficial for the weather purposes discussed above, however, if for some reason you have to walk across your roof, you must be careful. There are some metal roofing materials with textures that can help them resemble shingles and materials that safeguard against slipping and might be architecturally appealing. A majority of metal roof leaking is caused by one of four major installation mistakes. An experienced metal roof contractors can really help building owners or property managers to ensure they are made of aware of what the common problems are.

The following are 4 areas that an experienced metal roofing contractor addresses when they inspect your metal roof:

  • Improper caulking in between the trim and underneath the roof panels.
  • Tape sealant not correctly installed under the screw heads.
  • Improperly using the right bar and caulk-kind of sealants in the seam spaces of the roof.
  • Improper or missing installation of sealant at the eave connections and the four-way panel laps.

The following are some common penetration problems that will be addressed by your roofing contractor:

  • Flashing that is poorly designed for penetration
  • Broken seams that are in metal curbs caused by contraction and expansion
  • Standing moisture that is behind penetration cubs caused by crickets being omitted
  • Base flashings that are separating that caused by top wood nailers being omitted
  • Defective or missing counter flashing
  • Stripping over the metal flange edges that are deteriorating or separating
  • Stripping and priming metal surfaces that have been installed improperly
  • Separation and fastener back out of metal flanges surrounding penetration flashing
  • Movement between the pipes and/or stack vents and the surrounding flashing

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