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Tucson Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair For Tucson

Tucson Roof Repair Pros is a company that can repair, replace, or install flat roofing in and around Tucson as well as the communities surrounding it.

Flat roofing is not as common as the traditional sloped style roof, however it is quickly rising in popularity and being used more often than ever before. There are primarily four types of flat roofs, and here you will learn the advantages as well as disadvantages of each type. Having a flat roof installed will run between $5 and $10 per square foot on average, and come with a warranty that lasts at least 10 years, though longer warranties are also available. However, a properly maintained flat roof is capable of lasting 25 years.

Services Available For Flat Roof Repair:

  • Resealing of Seams
  • Replacement or Repair of Metal Flashing
  • Plywood Replacement or Repair
  • Repair or Replace Skylights
  • Reapply Roof Sealants
  • Repair of Underlayment
  • Find and Repair Leaks

Types of Flat Roofs

  • Built-Up Roofs (BUR)
  • Rubber Membrane
  • Foam Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen

Built-Up Roofs (BUR)

Built-Up roofing, often abbreviated to BUR, consists of at least three layers of waterproof materials that is built up using gravel, hot tar, and crushed stone ballast. Originally consisting solely of tar paper, Built-Up roofing has advanced over the years to incorporate better materials and techniques.

Advantages: Gravel is a great material to reduce the risk of fire on the roof. It is also the cheapest of the types of flat roofs, making it more affordable.

Disadvantages: The roofing material used in this type of roof is fairly heavy, and so your property may need to have its frame reinforced at the joists so that it can support the increased weight. Installation can also be quite messy and utilizes some toxic chemicals that make it difficult to install safely on buildings where the occupants are still residing.

Modified Bitumen Roof

Tucson Flat Roof Repair ContractorsThis type of roof uses a rolled, single-ply material that is impregnated with waterproofing. It is much like the water and ice-resistant shielding that is available with an added surface made from minerals that reduce the wear and tear.

Advantages: This type of roofing is very easy to install and is also easier to repair for homeowners who prefer to do their own repair work. The light coloring of the mineral on the surface reflects sunlight and heat, saving you money on heating and cooling. As for price, this material is more expensive than Built-Up Roofing (BUR) but more affordable than Foam and Rubber roofing.

Disadvantages: Properties cannot be occupied during the installation process, as the torch-down installation method can pose a fire risk. It is also slightly more vulnerable to damage that foam or rubber membrane roofing.

Rubber Membrane Roofing

Made from a durable rubber material, this type of roof is very resistant to sunlight and damage from extreme weather. It is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials and gets its durability from the material used: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM.

Advantages: This type of roofing is easy to install and also easy to repair by homeowners. The material is lightweight, while still being weather-resistant and durable. The roof can be easily patched to repair leaks from small holes and tears.

Disadvantages: This type of roofing is the most expensive to install. The rubber is also dark in color, which absorbs heat. This can be beneficial in winter, but will increase your cooling costs during the warm months. It is possible to coat the roof with a lighter material in order to reflect heat and sunlight, however this extra coating will tack on and additional 30% to the overall roofing cost.

We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your property is well taken care of during the entire roof installation process. We employ professional crews who ensure that the work site is cleaned up at the end of each work day.

If you live in Tucson or any of the communities nearby, give us a call at (520) 477-2100 to have a professionally repaired flat roof today.


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