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Factors That Affect The Price of a New Roof

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Every roofing project is different, which is important to remember any time you are discussing the cost of installing a new roof. The total cost of the project is affected by a number of different factors. For instance, even if you and your neighbor have similar homes, your roof could be more severely damaged or worn out than theirs, which could make it more costly to replace. Factors like the pitch of the roof and the overall size also come into play. If you are adding special features like dormer windows or solar shingles, it can add to the total cost of the roof.

Accessibility – When coming up with an estimate, roofing contractors consider how easy your roof is to access and how many stories tall your house is. Replacing the roof on a multi-story house is more costly than adding a new roof to a single-story home. In terms of accessibility, any obstacles that make accessing the roof more challenging can increase the estimate. As an example, if you live in a townhouse that is attached to another property, it could be more expensive to roof.

Architectural Style – The architectural style of your home can influence the cost of the roofing project, as well. Homes that have complicated roofs with a lot of valleys or peaks make installing roofing materials a lot more challenging. Extra protrusions sticking out of your roof such as chimneys, ventilation pipes, skylights, or dormer windows can also increase the difficulty of the project, adding to the total cost.

Roof Replacement ContractorsThe Location Of Your Home – The price for a new roof can vary depending on where you live. Roofs are more expensive in certain parts of the country than others. Oftentimes, pricing can also vary between urban and rural areas.

Weather-Related Considerations – Installing a roof in an area where extreme weather conditions are common usually requires special considerations. If you live somewhere where it gets exceptionally hot or where you get high winds or a lot of snow, you may need to pay more for a roof that will last.

The Roofing Materials – There are many different styles of roofing materials available, allowing you to choose a roof that works well with your home’s architecture and your personal style. If you go with a roofing material that can easily be broken like tiles made out of concrete or clay, you may want to order extra materials. That way, you will have plenty of extra tiles on hand to account for any breakage that occurs while the roof is being installed.

Your Home’s Age – Older homes often have structural issues that need to be addressed. Upgrading the underlying structure can add to the total cost of your new roof.

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Additional Factors That Affect The Cost Of Your Roof

  • Size – If you know the outside dimensions of your home, you can get a rough idea of how large your roof is. For a more accurate estimate, however, you should have a professional roofer come to your home and measure your roof in person.
  • The Slope of the Roof – Roofs that are steeper are more expensive to install than roofs that are a little bit flatter, simply because they have more square footage.
  • Your Existing Roof – Installing your new roof directly over the top of your current shingles is the cheapest option. Unfortunately, there are situations where that isn’t possible. For instance, if you already have a few different layers of shingles on your home, they may need to be stripped off before the new roof is installed. Roofing materials that are particularly heavy such as concrete tiles may also require additional structural support. Tearing off old roofing materials and enhancing the structure of your home can both increase the cost.
  • Hidden Expenses – Other expenses often come into play. For instance, if you have damaged flashing or if the decking has rotted away, this can increase both the material costs and the labor costs.

Getting An Estimate Is The Best Option

If you really want to know how much your roofing project will cost, the best option is to get an estimate from a qualified roofing contractor in your area. Contact a few different companies for estimates. Most companies will provide them for free.

Be cautious if one company charges a lot less than the others. They most likely are only able to offer such a low rate because they cut corners by using low-quality materials or skipping essential installation steps. Always ask for references and follow through on contacting the references that you are given. Don’t forget to check your homeowner’s insurance plan to verify that your new roof will be covered.

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