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Civano Roof Repair

Civano Roof Repair

Civano Roof Repair With Experience

One of Tucson’s best services comes from Tucson Roof Repair Pros, a roofing company that has taken care of residential and commercial roofs for years. We are the real roof repair specialists and can take care of replacing roofs of any type. We abide by our motto – “Quality and service you can count on”!

Our scope of work spans the area of roof repairs, replacement roofs, roof repair insurance claims, installations, repairs, maintenance and service, roofing certifications and much more.

Every crew member is trained to have a keen sense of attention to detail and a high level of providing quality customer service. Training is done regularly, and each member is ready to take care of any roofing issue you might have.

Roofing Types We Cover

Shingles – These are the most common material used for roofs undoubtedly because of their many colors, styles and their costs. They are made up of asphalt and composition substrates and fiberglass. All these can last for up to 30 years and look great will little maintenance. They are, compared to other materials, inexpensive.

Tiles – These are made out of concrete or fired clay and offer a level of safety against fires that no other material can. They also come in a variety of colors and styles which can match any design type. When installed they help increase the air circulation in the home. Additionally, they reflect the sun so they reduce the need for energy consumption inside. They must be inspected by experienced professionals as they can crack when walked on.

Modified Bitumen – This material is one ply of asphalt and rubber. Use a fiberglass base sheet to attach to the roof and then have the modified bitumen heated with a torch so that it can be welded on the spot. It is great for high-traffic areas, flashings and built-up roof systems.

Civano Roof Repair ContractorsPolyurethane Foam – This type of roof material combines isocyanate and polyol to create a unique roofing system. These two components are mixed together and then sprayed on the substrate. This material becomes seamless and highly stable. It has a long life and provides excellent insulation. It is also easy to repair and maintain.

Metal roofing- Because it offers superior durability and is fireproof, metal roofs are becoming some of the most popular roofs around. They can be configured to meet a lot of different architectural styles and work well for businesses, commercial buildings and residences as well. Metal roofs come in an array of colors and offer a good deal of curb appeal.

Flat Roofing – This type is very popular in Tucson and in the Southwest of the US for plenty of reasons. These types of roofs help accommodate the climate and work well with the common architectural styles in the area.

Experienced, Trustworthy Civano Roof Repair Contractors

Whatever roof type you have, it is the most important aspect of your home or business. Its maintenance and care is among the biggest investments you can make in any residential or commercial building. Trust your next replacement or repair to an established company in the Tucson area. Hire us, as we are your local, licensed and experienced contractors, Tucson Roof Repair Pros. Simply call us at 520-477-2100 now and we will get your roof project started in the hands of the most capable contractors around.

The durability of your finished roof depends on lots of things:

  • The type of materials used and the quality of those materials
  • The maker of those roofing materials
  • The method the roof is attached to the building
  • The preparation prior to a repair or replacement
  • The projected lifespan of the roof
  • The best colors for the climate
  • The warranty

Tucson Roof Repair Pros can handle the following:

  • Roof repairs and replacements
  • New roof installations
  • Roof upgrades and maintenance
  • Green roofs and Cool roofs
  • Free estimates for any project

No matter what your needs are, reach out to us at Tucson Roof Repair Pros with any roofing questions you have at 520-477-2100. We are experienced, licensed, insured, and true professional roofing contractors. You can count on us to guide you through any roofing problem to the best solution.


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